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deydeyday's Journal

6 October
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French fan of J-music, k-music (music in general XD) and drama, movies, tv shows,...
Arashi is my first crush of J-pop ♥ Now I'm life ruined by Hey! Say! Jump, juniors and... well... All JE's groups XD
CNBlue and Super Junior are my first Kpop crush ♥ I listen a looooot of k-pop groups too.
Music is my atmosphere!

Uplift Spice was in France! And I go to the concert in Paris the 10.29.2011 ♥ *ureshiiii desu*
SS4 in Paris 06.04.2012
Teen Top in Paris 09.02.2013
SS5 in Tokyo 28.07.2013
B1A4 - Amazing Store in Seoul 08.08.13
Jay Park in Paris 26.10.2013
One Ok Rock in Paris 27.10.2013
SS5 in London 09.11.2013
B.A.P in Paris 30.04.2014
Nogizaka46 Japan Expo 07.08.2014
One Ok Rock in Paris 02.12.2014
Scandal in Paris 25.04.2015
Boyfriend in Paris 24.05.2015
♥ * ♥ Japan Trip in August 2015 ♥ * ♥
Kinpuri Gamushara Summer Station - Tokyo 04.08.2015
Hey! Say! JUMP in Hiroshima 12.08.2015
Gamushara - Tokyo 1:30pm 17.08.2015
Butai Yuma - Dorian Gray - Tokyo (6:30pm) 17.08.2015
Hey! Say! JUMP in Nagoya 18.08.2015
Gamushara - Tokyo 2:30pm 19.08.2015
GOT7 Dream Knight Prenium Event - Tokyo (2pm) 25.08.2015
ABC-Z Summer Paradise in Tokyo Dome City Hall (6pm) 25.08.2015
A'Nation Stadium Fes. Tokyo 29.08.2015
Butai Yuma - Dorian Gray - Tokyo (6pm) 01.09.2015

I have 3 tumblr!
J-tumblr : http://deydeyday.tumblr.com
K-tumblr : http://komupo.tumblr.com